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25 handy resource links to guide educators and their students:
Free teacher-approved educational computer games and activities for elementary students (K-5) to learn on the web. Games include alphabet matching, sight word bingo, word clouds, spelling challenges, keyboard practice, telling time, fractions, and more.
KCTools Research Toolbox for Kids teaches kids how to research information in four steps (ask, find, evaluate, share).
ARKive promotes conservation education and public awareness. Check out its free teaching resources and fun activities for kids (by age group).
A to Z Teacher Stuff was created by teachers for teachers to help them find online resources faster and more easily.
Book reviews, book awards, poetry, authors and more.
Searching for resource books? Find resources for what you teach, create reading lists with the click of a button, and lots more.
Teach children math with these free calculation tools.
My Story Maker helps students create their own digital stories (individually or collectively as a class) and share them with others.
Common Core State Standards Initiative has been adopted in most states to address changing educational needs in a more complex world. This site offers an overview of the new standards, answers questions and addresses concerns.
Explore resource for art-integrated lesson plans and classroom projects.
Google Earth can make classroom activities and internet technology really come alive.
Explore the “6+1 traits of writing” model, from overview to lesson plans, writing prompts, rubrics and more. Designed to help teachers improve their skill at teaching quality writing.
Looking for a specific resource or lesson plan?  Fill out the resource request form on this site. The Educatorlabs team will try to find just the right materials for you!  Also check out their Fun Educational Lesson Plans, Activities, and Printables at
Edutopia helps identify trends in education; has resources for teachers of K-12.
Are you with a program or school that serves children in need? Gain access to new books here.
With Flipsnack your students can create their own flip-page book online from a pdf file.[1]=19647&gclid=CKGPkLge0bwCFYRQ7Aod90AAwQ
Math activities for kids.
Federal Registry for Educational Excellence offers free digital teaching and learning resources.
The National Science Teachers Association has a comprehensive site that offers teachers the support tools and background they need to feel comfortable teaching science subjects.
Wildlife and nature lesson plans and resources for educators.
A website about our solar system made by a kid for kids.
Networking site for teachers.
Looking for lesson plans? The resources on Thinkfinity come from top sources including ReadWriteThink, NCTM, and American Association for the Advancement of Science.
Teaching tolerance is more relevant today than ever. Site links to classroom activities, teaching kits, blog discussions and more.
Children’s online dictionary-thesaurus. Add the children’s version of the WordsmythNow widget to your toolbar.

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