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Tips for Reading Aloud
  • Read first to yourself so you’ll be familiar with the text. This will enable you to read smoothly, pause at the right moments, and pronounce all the words correctly.

  • Read slowly and clearly. Whether we’re reading new information or listening to new information being read to us, we can retain more of it and understand it better when the reader speaks slowly. So read slower than you think you should (that is, until you get used to the pace).

  • Remember to read with expression.

  • When you come across important learning points in the text, pause after reading them, so students can absorb their meaning.

  • When the book has pictures that illustrate the text, hold the book so students can see the pictures as you read.

  • Pause and comment on the story as you’re reading. If it’s not disruptive to the story (each story is different, so you be the judge) take a moment to make comments that encourage critical thinking.

  • Talk about the story with your children after you’ve finished reading it. Ask questions that cause your children to think and voice their own opinions

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